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ShareFile Information Rights Management - Scheduled Maintenance – July 31st, 2017; 10:00pm EDT(GMT-4) – August 1st, 2017; 1:00am EDT(GMT-4)

Jul 31, 14:13 EDT Completed - This maintenance has been suspended and will be performed at a later date. Jul 26, 16:42 EDT Scheduled - Citrix ShareFile will be conducting scheduled maintenance on the 'Information Rights Management' (IRM) service the evening of Monday, July 31st starting at 10:00pm EDT (GMT-4). Maintenance should last no longer than 3 hours and end at 1:00am EDT (GMT-4) on Tuesday, August 1st. During this time the Information Rights Service will be unavailable for use...

Sharefile System Status
PDF rendering issues in Content Viewer

Jul 10, 08:48 EDT Resolved - As of today, testing has proven to show appropriate loading times for PDF documents in the ShareFile web application. Our operations and development team will continue to monitor performance and ensure the system is behaving as expected. If any other issues are seen, please contact our dedicated support team. Jul 7, 16:53 EDT Identified - Our operations and development teams have added additional resources to our rendering engine, and are further working to...

Sharefile System Status
Support toll-free number unavailable

Jun 30, 18:18 EDT Resolved - The US toll-free number to reach ShareFile Customer Support (800-441-3453) is now available. Thank you for your patience as we worked with the necessary parties to resolve this issue. Jun 30, 17:17 EDT Investigating - The US toll-free number to reach ShareFile Customer Support (800-441-3453) is currently unavailable due to a telecom issue. We are working with the service provider to restore service - in the meantime, ShareFile Support can be reached at...

Sharefile System Status
ShareConnect - Connection Issues

Jun 29, 13:59 EDT Resolved - At this time we believe all issues that had previously prevented ShareConnect users from connecting to host machines, are resolved. Engineering continues to monitor the issue, but at this time services are acting as normal. If there are further issues, please do not hesitate to contact support. Jun 29, 13:37 EDT Identified - We have had several customers experience issues connecting to host machines via the ShareConnect service. Engineering is aware of this...

Sharefile System Status
File Preview Issues within Web Application

Jun 6, 15:53 EDT Resolved - At this time we believe the root cause of the file preview failures has been resolved. We will continue to monitor our system, but if there is any unusual behavior with your ShareFile account, please contact support for further assistance. Jun 6, 15:39 EDT Investigating - We have received reports from customers that when attempting to preview a file via the web application, the file is failing to view properly. Our engineers are aware of the issue and are...

Sharefile System Status
Scheduled Maintenance – June 2nd, 2017; 9:00pm EDT(GMT-4) – June 3rd, 2017; 12:00am EDT(GMT-4)

Jun 3, 00:00 EDT Completed - The scheduled maintenance has been completed. Jun 2, 21:01 EDT In progress - Scheduled maintenance is currently in progress. We will provide updates as necessary. May 12, 15:50 EDT Scheduled - Citrix ShareFile will be conducting scheduled maintenance on a segment of accounts the evening of Friday, June 2nd starting at 9:00pm EDT (GMT-4). Maintenance should last no longer than 3 hours and end at 12:00am EDT (GMT-4) on Saturday, June 3rd. During this time...

Sharefile System Status
Issue with Invoice Notifications

May 25, 17:18 EDT Resolved - Our applications team has investigated this issue and identified and corrected the cause. As the billing team prepared invoice notifications as part of our standard operations, a clause that restricted the list to master admins, billing admins, and additional billing contacts was inadvertently omitted. As a result, notifications were sent to all users on the affected accounts. In addition to correcting the clause itself, we are implementing additional...

Sharefile System Status
Unexpected re-authentication prompts/grayed out options in ShareFile Tools

May 12, 15:49 EDT Resolved - After monitoring the fix that was deployed, we are confident that this issue has been resolved. Please feel free to contact ShareFile support with any further concerns. May 3, 10:56 EDT Monitoring - Our development team has tested and deployed a server-side hotfix this morning to address this issue. That said, the fix is not "retroactive" will only prevent further occurrences of these issues. Following the steps listed below for both the Sync attempted...

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