Creating a Auto-Responder/Out Of Office Notification

Creating out of office autoreply message. This method will work for any email address which uses our smartermail servers, regardless of whether you use webmail, Thunderbird, Office Outlook, or Outlook Express (or any other mail client).
  1. Open web browser, and enter URL or depending on which server you are on.
at the login screen, enter your username (email address) and password. If password is unknown, contact support. If this is your company issued computer, be sure to check "remember me" and create a bookmark to facilitate easier access next time. Click "Login". If this is your first time using webmail, you may be prompted to select your time-zone.
 2. Click the "Settings" button (two cog wheels) at the bottom left of the screen – one place above the magnifying glass.
 3. Select "Auto-responder" under “my settings’ on the left
 4. Check "Enable auto-responder". You may select either or both of the remaining options if deemed appropriate. Click the Save button above when these selections are complete.
 5. Now click on Auto-Responder ‘Message" tab. Compose as you would with any email, except that there is no recipient address. Click Save button when complete.
 The response is now set, and effective. You may test this by sending yourself an email. Note that disabling entails repeating steps 1 - 4 only UN checking the "Enable auto-responder" box, and clicking Save.
 Note that your message will remain saved for the next time you need it. Obviously you may wish to change dates / etc. This means you can set your away message in advance, then enable it when required. Optional: you also have the choice of using “Enable active date range” – by checking the box and filling in the start and end dates the Auto-Response message will be activated for.

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