Using Powershell to Install Software for Windows

Powershell 5 included in Windows 10 allows for advanced package management. Using powershell you can install and keep up to date some programs on your machine.
In order to prep your machine for allowing this, open a powershell command prompt as admin and run the following commands:
set-executionpolicy unrestricted
get-packageprovider chocolatey
set-packagesource chocolatey
Once prepped, in order to install a package use the powershell command install-package
install-package -name citrix-receiver -source chocolatey
Generally it is advisable to run each install one at a time, however, multiple packages can be installed at a time, such as:
install-package -name citrix-receiver, 7zip, cutepdf, putty, adobereader, notepadplusplus, wireshark, filezilla, sysinternals, recuva, rufus, citrix-sharefile-sync, googlechrome,adblockpluschrome, adblockplusie -source chocolatey
Note: when installing multiples some packages may have conflicts, causing the complete list of items to fail.

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