Logging into Sharefile

Logging In 
Note: You may have been sent a request to download or upload a file without being sent any login
information. If this is the case, you do not need to worry about a username and password.
If you have been set up with an employee or client user account, you may log in from one of three places: 
1. rockwoodservice.sharefile.com   — this will be provided to you by Rockwood Shared Services.
2. ndt.sharefile.com 
3. nde.sharefile.com  
Your username is your email address.
Your temporary password to get started will be emailed to you by the administrator that set up your user account.
If you have not received your password, you may either:
1. Contact the Administrator that set up your client user account or
2. Click on the "Forgot your password?" link under the login (if this permission is enabled for your client 
user account).
3. Open a ticket with the Rockwood/Sharefile team here: http://support.rockwoodservice.com/Main/frmTickets.aspx
    Be sure to include Sharefile in the subject line to ensure proper routing to the sharefile team.
The first time you log in, you will be prompted to choose a permanent password.
My Settings 
Note: It may be possible that the "My Settings" does not appear in your navigation bar. If this is the
case, this means that in the creation process, the administrator that created your client user account
elected to not allow you to be able to view the "My Settings" page and alter any of its contents. 
The following are available through the "My Settings" link on the navigation page:
1. Time Zone and Date Format
You can change your current time zone, as well as a different date formatting. 
2. Edit Basic Info
You can set or change your name and company in the system. 
3. Add/Edit Email Addresses
If you use multiple email addresses, you may associate all of them with your ShareFile account. You may
login with or be added to a folder by any of your email addresses. 
4. Change Password
You may also reset your password.
Passwords must be between 8 and 15 characters in length and are cAsE SeNsitivE. i.e. $MyPassword2013% 
5. Edit Upload Preferences
You can change the upload component that is used for your user account. 
6. My Devices
Devices used to connect to ShareFile, i.e. iOS, Android, and Windows Phone's, will be listed whereas you can
wipe the data stored on the device, or remove the device from ShareFile. Note: You will first need to
download and install an app for the specific device. Click the "Apps" link on menu bar. 
7. Manage Favorite Folders
List your favorite folders in order of preference. 
8. Address Book
Personal address book entries are available for selection if enabled and populated. 

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