Dcs.net Upload button issue

All the trucks upload data at the end of each day using Tools->test data->transfer
Only green arrow shows on the bottom or error comes up
  1. If your upload data button goes to the bottom but never shows upon the screen 
In dcs.net click Tools->test data->Upload test data
The button will go to the bottom toolbar
 Move the mouse over the "Icon" on the Windows toolbar(bottom)
·         Don't click (this is called "Hovering the mouse")
·         A small window should pop-up that looks like the program screen in miniature
·         Right-click in this mini-window
·         Left click "Move"
·         Press the Arrow keys on your keyboard up and down couple times
          Move your mouse pointer and you will see it, left click to place it and it will stay there
 B. When dcs.net crashes when opened with “System.Configuration” error
With My Computer, or win7 Computer, navigate to: C:\Users\ \AppData\Local\Sperry_Rail_Service\DcsDataUploader.exe_Url…\, and delete the user.config file. Next time you start the uploader, it will start in the upper left corner of the screen. The username folder is whatever login name you use on the laptop, like ‘rascar’. If the ‘AppData’ folder does not appear: 1. Go to the file manager’s Tools or Organize menu, either ‘Folder Options’ or ‘Folder and Search Options’, depending on which menu you have. 2. On the ‘View’ tab of the Folder Options form, in Advanced Settings, make sure the circle for “Show hidden files, folders, and drives” has a dot in it.

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