Dcs.net is not updating

Circle isn’t spinning at least for a few seconds when you open dcs.net on the upper left
Make sure the date on the laptop is in standard US time and date form not Canadian or European format
Example 11-21-2016 10:00 am is correct
Also make sure they have dcs.net V 1.98.4 or later. Version is shown in dcs.net on the upper left hand corner. If its any older than that close dcs.net and reinstall the newest version. First uninstall it form programs and features if applicable. Make sure they don’t have an unfinished report. If they do backup C:\dcs.net\data folder. Then delete c:\dcs.net folder and install new dcs setup file.
copy the new config file over anytime you reinstall dcs.net
Please Exit from the DCS, then click the link below:
On the page that opens, click the Download button, then select to Save the file. When the Download is complete, locate the saved file and copy it to C:\DCS.NET, replacing the file that's already there. That's it. Start the DCS and go back to work. You may not have noticed, but the DCS Updater stopped working last Thursday afternoon, 11/3. This configuration change will get it back.

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