Thinkpad Battery reset procedure

This procedure should be performed when you will not need the ThinkPad for several hours, and must be done while connected to AC power:
  1. From the start menu, navigate to settings / control panel. Open the Power Options control panel icon.
  2. Select the Power Manager tab.
  3. Launch Power manager by pressing Power Manager button.
  4. Depending on the version of power manager, you may see a button in the upper left corner of the power manager window that lets you switch between basic and advanced mode. If this applies to your installation, you need to be in advanced mode (the button will say "switch to: Basic
  5. Select the Battery Information tab.
  6. Press the Battery Maintnance button
  7. This step is optional but recommended select the Optimize for battery lifespan (automatically change for me) radio buton.
  8. Press the Perform Reset button

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