DCS.net install

DCS.net is available as a download from: HERE (click on text to initiate download).

Contact DCS support if you don't know the credentials to allow access to the download.

Directions for installation:

  1. Connect to the Internet
  2. Click on this link: http://support.sperryrail.com/DCSsupport/DCSfiles/DCSNet.exe
  3. A window will open, CLICK SAVE
  4. The installation file will download to the default download location
  5. Run the DCSNET.exe file
  6. Follow all prompts
  7. Once complete, go to the root of your C: drive, and open the folder: DCS.NET
  8. Locate and right click on the file called DCS.NET(it will have the Sperry icon next to it)
  9. Right click on DCS.NET, and select Send To > Desktop (create shortcut)
  10. You will now have a file on the desktop called Shortcut to DCS.NET
  11. Upon launching, don't forget to go to the settings tab, and verify all of your information, update as required.

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