Add Sperry Address Book to Outlook

 Please follow the below procedure;
  1. Using your email address as your username, login to webmail. If you do not know your email password, please contact Rockwood I.T. support.
  2. Once logged in, Click "Contacts" located in the far left hand column.
  3. When contact opens, click "My Contacts" located at the top of the left hand pane.
  4. Select "Global Address List" from the drop down.
  5. Once selected, click "Actions" - "Add to outlook".
  6. You will be prompted with a confirmation window. Select "Yes".
  7. You will then see a message appear in outlook. Please confirm adding the contact list to outlook.
  8. Once added, go to Outlook and open your contacts folder. You should now see the "Global Address List" in the left hand pane.

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