Configure IMAP for Android

Set IMAP Email for Android Phones

1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps icon and the Email app.
2. Enter your email address and your password.
Note: After you entered your email address and password, you can Manual setup to manually enter server settings or Next to let the phone automatically search for those settings.
If the phone can find the server settings necessary for the account your email will now be configured and ready for use. If not, you please continue with the rest of the process.

3. Select Manual Setup and choose account type IMAP
4. User the following settings:
    - IMAP server:
    - Security type: Choose none
    - Port: 143
5. Tap Next.
    Note: The phone will then try to connect to the incoming server to login, if the process was unsuccessful, you will be prompted to Edit details and try again.

6. Once the phone successfully logged in to the incoming server, you will be brought to the Outgoing server settings:
    - SMTP Server:
    - Security type: Choose none
    - Port: 5533
    - Requires Login: Yes (Check this option to select it)
    - Enter your user name and password in the given fields.
    Note: Your phone will also attempt to connect to the outgoing server, if unsuccessful you will have to edit and double-check the settings. If successful, you will be redirected to Account options screen

7. Choose your preferred sync options then select Next.
8. Choose your desired display name and the name you wish to appear on outgoing emails then select Next.
9. Select Done to complete the setup process.

Please contact support at any time if you continue to have trouble configuring your email on your device.

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