ESET won't update the virus definitions

ESET is set to download antivirus definitions from a centralized server,
Because of this this server must be in the configuration of the remote administration section of the program, which is in advanced settings. you may not have access to this, in which case please open a ticket with IT support.
If your remote administration settings are correct, yet ESET still will not update virus definitions, then there are three possible remedies.
  1. In the advanced setup, set ESET to download and install pre-release updates. It is not recommended to leave this setting on permanently.
  2. Delete the em0*.dat files from c:\program files\eset\eset endpoint antivirus\ *Note* you may have to turn off ESETprotection in the advanced settings first and restart your machine first, which could require assistance from Rockwood IT support
  3. Contact Rockwood IT support and have them reinstall ESET.

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