iPhone Battery Will Not Hold Charge

    This procedure is used to calibrate your failing cell phone battery due to inadequate charges
  • The need to charge your cell phone numerous times through the day due to battery charge depletion
  • Short battery charge
  1. Allow the cell phone to power off due to low battery.
  2. Charge the battery fully, without interruption until 100% charge is achieved.
  3. Before you remove the charger form the phone, press and hold both the Home and Power buttons at the same time until the phone restarts itself. When you see the white Apple logo release the buttons.
  4. This will re-calibrate the iPhone battery.
Note 1: It's always a good rule to allow your cell phone battery to deplete fully before charging the device, then, once on charge, allow the phone to charge fully before disconnecting the charger.
Note 2: Run this calibration procedure once a month to maintain poroper battery health.

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