How to Sync Your SmarterMail Calendar with Outlook

This process will walk you through creating a new calendar in Outlook which will sync to the eMail server.
Login to the web mail system
Goto your calendar.
Under the actions menu select, “Add to Outlook”
Select your version of office
Click OK (if you get a security warning here, allow it).
This should open Outlook and add the calendar.
Note: Key drawback! When you accept a meeting request, or create a new appointment or meeting request, it will be put into your local Outlook Calendar and not sent to the server or shared persons. You will need to copy items from the default to the Server Calendar. It is possible to create new items using the server calendar by right clicking an area within the server calendar and selecting the appropriate new item. If you accept meeting requests by using the web interface then the meeting will be put into your web calendar and shared appropriately.

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